Bacterial leaf scorch update - real cases

You do not necessarily need to cut down your oak tree if you find out that it has bacterial leaf scorch. Yes, BLS is incurable. But hey – so is diabetes. If you find out you have diabetes are you going to go right to Dr. Kevorkian? Of course not! Your doctor is going to tell you how to manage the disease. And if you follow his advice you probably have a lot of good years left! Here are some trees I’ve been watching for a while. All the photos were taken late in the growing season when the symptoms look the worst. Red oak, Paoli, tested positive 2007. Photo, Sept. 2010 This tree has some problems besides the BLS – old root and other injuries. But the owner wants to keep it as long as pos

Bacterial leaf scorch is being exploited by opportunists. These two people avoided becoming victims.

Mrs. H and Mr. M from yesterday’s story have something else in common besides being surprised to find out the trees at their new houses had problems. Both Mrs. H’s red oak and Mr. Ms pin oak have foliage that shows scorch symptoms. Both could possibly be infected with bacterial leaf scorch (B.L.S.) (Xylella). I think the causes of the bad appearance of the leaves on Mr. M’s tree are primarily abiotic – caused by environmental conditions rather than disease. Mrs. H’s looks like bacterial leaf scorch. But there is no way to tell for sure without a lab test. Bacterial leaf scorch can’t be cured. But BLS alone does not normally kill trees, at least not quickly. We’ve only been able to rel

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