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What a good quality nursery tree looks like

Look at the trunk flare on this nice rivers purple beech we planted this morning. See how the roots are evenly spaced around the trunk, and they all grow outward? And the flare is ABOVE GROUND! This is how it’s supposed to be! I got this tree at Watercrest Farm in West Grove, PA. It was worth the drive. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find really nice quality trees like this. This beech is the replacement for one that died. When we pulled the dead one out, it was obvious why it didn’t survive:

It has a TERRIBLE root system. Whoever planted it in the nursery didn’t bother to spread the roots out. See how they’re all tangled and wrapped in a circle, and all aimed in one direction?

It’s nice to know that good quality trees are available if you look hard enough.

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