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Planting trees from a container

I was in Walmart recently, looking at the plants. Ok, I suppose I’ve already turned off parts of my audience! But seriously, looking at all those trees in 2-gallon pots, I couldn’t help feeling a little bit sad. “Sad?” You might think, “Why sad? You love trees, and the idea of people planting trees is such a hopeful, positive thing.” Well yes it is. But I’m an arborist, and I get to witness so much disappointment when my clients show me trees that were planted a few years before and just aren’t going to live to be old. I don’t like to be negative, but the reality is that most of these trees will fail to fully live up to the hope and expectation of the persons who adopt them. So I bought two of them, took them home, and made this video while they were being planted. Please watch it, and pass it on in order to make more happy endings. Thanks, W.

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